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Why Migrate from Sage Abra to Sage HRMS

by: Jim Scheithauer

CS3 Technology wants to address the importance of migrating from Sage Abra Suite to the newest version of Sage HRMS. Sage Abra Suite was the program most of our clients were using for their HR/Payroll needs until a couple years ago. Microsoft discontinued support and updates for the software Abra was written. 

Microsoft Visual FoxPro Discontinued

On January 12, 2010, Microsoft discontinued mainstream support for its software product called Visual FoxPro (VFP), which was the development platform used for Sage Abra Suite. The support through Microsoft for the FoxPro will expire January 2015 for any current subscribers of an Extended Support Policy that is currently in place. It is most likely VFP programs will continue to work well for several years, but that is not guaranteed. Consider the impact to your business or customers if there are operational problems with your Visual FoxPro programs such as Abra Suite. Keep in mind that at some point, sooner or later, required programs written in VFP will have to be rewritten or replaced.

Will Abra still function?

If you are running Abra version 9.1x or 9.2x, the End-of-Life for Microsoft’s support and FoxPro software updates does not stop your current Abra system from functioning. However, future Microsoft updates for desktop and servers may eventually cause a conflict and hinder the functionality. So making plans sooner than later will allow adequate time for getting the newest version of Sage’s HRMS system in place.

Coming to a Decision to Migrate

CS3 Technology will do a full complimentary discovery process with each client to assess which modules and additional software makes sense as part of your migration. Upon or during your decision making process, CS3 Technology will analyze your company’s special integration processes and any customizations as part of the scope for a migration proposal. Each of those will definitely have to be changed/modified/replaced as appropriate. This new Sage HRMS product is compatible with Insperity (the Sage Time and Attendance module), but will need some changes to the current interface.

The Migration Process

At the time the migration process begins and while your current system functions as normal, there is a Wizard that is run to transfer all the HR data directly over to the HRMS system, however a full setup for the payroll side will have to be done. An initial and final conversion will be completed to bring the historical data into the new payroll system as well as other data fields. As with all implementations, payroll parallels will be conducted before transitioning you to the new product. The process will ensure that paychecks will be produced without interruption.


If you are running Abra version 9.1x or 9.2x and you are paying for Sage support then your support agreement is still active and you will continue to receive Abra updates until Sage announces an End-Of-Life the application. There has been no formal announcement from Sage with a retirement date for Abra Suite. It is believed that when Sage gives an announcement of ending the Abra software that there will be an adequate amount of time to migrate to the new HRMS software.

However, business partners like CS3 Technology will have to schedule on a first come first serve basis for all clients as they begin the migration process. So making plans sooner than later will allow adequate time for getting the newest version of Sage’s HRMS system in place and securing a time that is convenient for your firms.

Please contact Chris Luttrell 918-388-9754 or Sheri Blaho 918-388-9757 if you have any questions or would like to set up a time for starting the migration propoasal process.

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About the Author:
Jim has been supporting, implementing and converting Sage HR and Payroll customers for over 11 years. He brings a unique perspective to his clients as he was a Sage Abra client himself for three years. His years in business coupled with his MBA assures his clients receive coaching in the “best business practices.”

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