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What's New in Sage HRMS 2016


by: Brandi Clymer


Sage released Sage HRMS 2016 in early October 2015. Sage decided on what to include in this release based on discussions with users of HRMS Sage and went about making changes that would help make the end user’s life easier, more efficient and more productive. There are many new functions and features that we will explore.

Look and Feel
-- First, there is a new look and feel for both Sage HRMS, Employee Self Service, and Endorsed Products. The changes make the user experience more consistent and make the modules feel and function more like they are one.  Note: What you are working on shows in green so you can easily see where you are. 

-- You will see that the employee photo is now at the top of every page that includes employee details. To add a photo go to View/Edit Employee > Personal > Demographics > Photo tab.

Home Page 
-- Welcome Page is now the ‘Home Page’. You can add your own links (example: insurance website, IRS website, etc.) into Sage HRMS as well quick links to Sage Resources. There is a quick link to get back to the Home Page that can be handy if someone walks into your office and you need to clear your screen.

Note: You will see there is an Employee Search from the Home screen (top right box). Right below that you will see any product messages for the last 90 days from Sage.

Connected Services 
-- You can select what will show in the ‘Connected Services’ option for easy access to Sage 100, Sage 500, or Sage X3. You can also provide the URLs for Sage Endorsed Products that utilize Single Sign On from inside Sage HRMS. For example: Cyber Recruiter, HRActions, and etc.

Main Menu 
-- The Main Menu is hidden but it can be turned back on in: 
   Settings icon > User Preferences > General Preferences > Display Main Menu (checkbox). Everything formerly under ‘File’ is now under the white gear (Settings) and everything formerly under ‘Help’ is in the green question mark icon. Everything that was under the ‘System’ bar to the left is now under Setup > System. Analysis is only available if you turn on the Display Main Menu option.

Single Sign On (SSOI) 
-– SSOI allows Sage HRMS users to sign into Sage ESS without being prompted for a login. From inside Sage HRMS you can ‘spoof’ an ESS user (if security allows) to help users out. You could also use this when a manager quits so you could spoof them and complete any approvals they needed to do and change their password.

-– New enhanced document storage within Sage HRMS utilizing new file attachment technology. You can now use current file types like DOCX, PDF with a password, etc. You will be warned if you try to link an unsupported file type (ex. DLL) or if the file is too large. Because of the new technology all linked documents need to be relinked inside Sage HRMS. Sage will continue support both file attachment methodologies in 2017 to allow clients time to relink. You can tell the old documents that need to be reattached because they will not have a date time populated.

Sample Data 
-- Sample data has been updated and refreshed.

Fox Pro/DOS References 
-- Sage is working to remove references to FoxPro and DOS in the product, and this update gets them on the way to completing that goal. They will continue to work on this for v2017.

About Sage HRMS 
-- The Help > About Sage HRMS screen has 2 new fields.
  • -- Sage Customer Number – where you can store your customer number for reference when contacting Sage Customer Support. Sage is working to automatically fill this in for you in the future, but for today you need to manually enter.
  • -- License Limit Alert – will give you a warning before you run out of employee licenses. You can set to whatever number makes sense for your company. This will allow you to plan ahead and order additional licenses if they are needed.

Employee Self Service (ESS) 
-– You will notice that ESS looks the same in general, but most of the changes to it were behind the scenes.
-- ESS now utilizes a new HTML text editor that supports modern browsers. This will allow you to do Admin tasks regardless of the browser you use. You can customize the logo, text and URLS. You will notice there are social media links that default to Sage during install, however you can hide or customize to your own social media.
-- You can customize the FYI Instructions by page.
-- You can now add new Categories (example: Personal, Benefits, etc.). HRActions will have its own Category.

I am excited about all of the new changes and improvements in Sage HRMS 2016 and believe you will be also. Be sure to look at the Release Notes for more details about all the changes in Sage HRMS 2016.

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