OSHA Safety Management and Reporting in Scissortail HCM
Posted on Monday May 14, 2018 in Scissortail HCM Demos, Tech Knowledgy by Jessica Morency.


Under the Start Menu, go into the Workers’ Claim area to access all previously reported claims and to add a new one. The following tabs comprise the data collection of workers’ claims in Scissortail HCM:
  1. The main tab shows the basic incident information along with carrier information and employee demographisc.
  2. The injury tab goes into more details about the treatment for the incident and incident history.
  3. The incident tab provides options to track drug testing, make the claim OSHA reportable and track any attorney or witness involvement.
  4. Work Info tab shows employee information needed for return to work expectations
  5. The Claim Handling tab allows tracking of lost or light duty work days, disputes and subrogration and litigation details
  6. The Financial tab tracks indemity, claim invoices and payment history
  7. Additional notes and supporting documents can be uploaded and stored with the claim.
If the claim was OSHA reportable, the OSHA 300 log can be populated automatically and printed.


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