Google Chrome Pro Tips - Part 1
Posted on Thursday October 26, 2017 in CS3 Client Bootcamp, Tech Knowledgy by Joshua Blaho.

Here are some tips to expedite whatever you are doing in Google Chrome. While CS3 wanted to share these with our Acumatica ERP and Scissortail HCM clients, they all apply to any task you are doing in browser.

Ctrl + Left Click: This will open a link in a new tab

Ctrl + Shift + Left Click: This will open a link in a new tab and jump to it.

Ctrl + Tab: This moves to the next tab.

Ctrl + [tab number]: This jumps the specific tab.

Ctrl + Shit + T: This will recover the most recently closed tab or tabs.

Clicking and dragging a tab out of the tab bar will make that tab a new window.

Dragging a tag to a different tab bar will combine it to that tab bar.

In windows 10, dragging any window to the left or the right side of the screen will allow a user to easily display two windows in on one screen.

Ctrl + Mouse Wheel: This will zoom in or out in almost every application.

In Chrome, the default search engine is set to google. Typing any query in the address bar and pressing enter will Google the submitted query.

The star on the right side of address bar will bookmark the current webpage.

Ctrl + Shift + B: Displays or hides the bookmarks.

F5: Refreshes the current page.

Alt + ←: Goes back a page.

Alt + →: Goes forward a page.

F11: Makes the browser full screen.

Alt + F4: Will close any application.


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