Creating Custom Forms from a PDF in Scissortail HCM
Posted on Friday April 14, 2017 in Scissortail Tutorial Videos, Tech Knowledgy by Holly Novak.


You can create custom forms in Scissortail from scratch, but an even more exciting way to do that is through an existing PDF. Go to company settings > HR Setup > Custom Forms. From here click on “add new” in the top right corner to label your form, add a description and then save. Click on “Upload PDF Document” and choose the file that you want to upload. It will pull in the entire form and separate it by page. Click on page one to see the form, and you can add your new fields in there with the existing labels.

Click “Add New Field” and then double click on the “New Field 1” box that appears to make it red to be able to edit it. Move it down to the “Name” field and then on the box that opens on the right enter “Employee Name” as the “Name” and select “Employee” as the “Type”. Scroll through the “Field” section to find “Full Name.” Since you imported the PDF there is no need to add more labels. You can change the width of the box and hit “Save” to extend the length of the field.

You can do the same thing to the rest of the labels and change the name, field, and width depending on the label. Click “Save” then “Back” to go to your page selection to edit another page.
Scissortail allows you to sign forms electronically by adding a new field and selecting “Sign” as the “Type.” You can also assign who you want to be able to sign the form. Extend the width of the box to cover the line on the form. Click “Save” to be able to see your changes and preview what the form will look like to your employee.

That is how to create a custom form in Scissortail from a PDF.



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