Collecting and Allocating Time with Scissortail HCM powered by Kronos
Posted on Wednesday April 25, 2018 in Scissortail HCM Demos, Tech Knowledgy by .

There are a multitude of reasons that an employee might need to clock in and out of different tasks, i.e. to allocate time for billable projects or if they are reporting to more than one department or supervisor. In this video, we will use the web portal to explore how you can make that necessary task an easy one, but this can also be done at a hardware device or clock.

First, the employee will log into the customizable employee portal and open up their timesheet. Timesheets can be set up in various formats (granular detail or basic information) depending on what you want to allow the employee to do. Employees can select from different departments or cost centers based on the job they are doing. The cost centers used for allocating time can be limited to what the employee should have access to so they aren’t accidentally clocking into cost centers they shouldn’t.


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