Acumatica User Security [Part One]
Posted on Wednesday February 14, 2018 in Acumatica Tutorials by Sharon Buchanan.


Creating a new user and validating the credentials only takes a couple of minutes. CS3 will conduct a series of video tips on Acumatica User Security
Part I
  1. Verify the person is setup as an employee.
    1. From the Main Menu > Organization > Organization Structure > Manage > Employees
    2. In the Employee ID field > Hit F3
      1. There are a couple of ways to search for an employee (1) begin typing the employee’s name in the search text box or (2) change the filter search by “EMPLOYEE NAME” / Ascending
Part II
  1. From the Main Menu, Configuration > User Security > Manage > Users
  1. Username: Create the user name according to the company’s naming convention policy, if applicable
  2. Password: Allow the system to generate the Password
  3. Linked Entity: Place cursor in the search field and hit F3. Choose employee name
  4. Email: verify user email
  1. In the Status: section
    1. Verify user is Active
    2. Mark the checkbox for
      1. Allow Password Recovery
      2. Allow Password Changes
      3. Force User to Change Password on Next Login
    3. Depending on company policy, the checkbox for: Password Never Expires should be marked or unmarked.
  2. Roles tab
    1. Mark each checkbox the user should become a member
  3. Save
Part III
  1. To validate the user profile, LOG IN AS USER
    1. From the Main Menu click > Configuration > User Security > Manage > Users
    2. On the top ribbon > click “LOG IN AS USER”
  2. Acumatica automatically opens another tab of which you are logged in as the newly created user.
    1. Verify user has permissions according to the granted User Role(s)
    2. From the Navigation Pane, click on an application to ensure the user can insert, edit, delete according to applicable granted rights.
  3. After validating the user permissions, Sign Out as the user
    1. Info Area (top right-hand corner of screen) > click user’s login (i.e. user@company) > click Sign Out
    2. Close the tab


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