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You work hard in your business, and you know it inside and out. Are you looking far enough ahead? You may eventually be asking questions about whether or not your children can take over, or if you have the skill set needed to take your organization to the next level. Having a plan in place is the best way to protect your business and the people who depend on it. This is called a transition strategy. Do you have one? Are all the pieces in place to make it successful? There are many facets of your business to evaluate: the value of your company, tax implications, the livelihood of your loved ones, the retention of key employees, the operations of the business itself, and more. Our priority is to help you craft the right transition strategy for you and your business to create the greatest value and give you peace of mind. It is such a unique decision in your life that we can say it is even more than just a decision, the choice of the right transition strategy is a journey. We at CS3 Advisors are ready to help you journey well.


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Transition Options

A well defined transition strategy is about much more than selling your business. No matter what your goals are for your organization, they can be aligned with an appropriate transition strategy. Here are just a few of the successful transition strategies available to help you achieve your personal goals.


  • Continuing in the business to Expand through Organic Growth and/or Acquisition

    You have a passion for your business and believe there is a clear opportunity to grow, but you may have some obstacles or not know how to get to the next level. CS3 Advisors can help you get your business thriving and reach next level. CS3 Advisors will assist you in answering the appropriate questions to identify the optimum strategies for growth.

  • Retaining Ownership but in a More Strategic Role

    You still want to be in charge but you want to work "on" your business instead of "in" your business. Or, maybe you realize your priorities have changed over time and you want to have more time to dedicate yourself to other activities. CS3 Advisors will help you set up a management structure allowing you to focus on the most fulfilling areas of your life while continuing to provide a "vision" driving your business.

  • Merging with Another Company

    One plus one can be more than two in the marketplace. Unfortunately your business may hit a ceiling and you do not have the necessary resources to break through to the next level of profitability. Fortunately, you are not alone as there are other businesses in the same situation. With the right fit, the best way to succeed may be to join forces with a like-minded partner.  With strategic additions you may find that multiplier yielding more than the sum of the parts. CS3 Advisors will help you find the strategic match and provide you the support to make the post-merger integration a success.

  • Transitioning Management to Next Generation

    You may have an opportunity to keep your business within the family after you step down. There are many layers of potential conflict and risk in the process of handing off leadership to family.  The CS3 Advisors team is ready to help you analyze and design a plan to train your successors or hire the talent required.  By planning for success, you will be able to implement your plan for the successful passing of the leadership baton to the next generation.

  • Selling to an in-place Executive Team

    You’re ready to sell your business, but you want to make sure it stays in the hands of a team you have built and trust and have known throughout the life of your business. Your best case scenario is keeping that team together and selling to the people who have worked beside you for so many successful years. CS3 Advisors will help you design the optimum structure to reward you and your loyal executive team.

  • Selling to an Employee Stock Option Plan

    You want to go a step further than selling to strangers by building a legacy through those who work with you every day. By leveraging tax advantages your company may have the resources necessary to implement an Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP). ESOPs allow every employee to be rewarded for their contribution and it is more common than you imagine. CS3 Advisors will lead you through a feasibility study to identify all the tax, operational, and strategic requirements required to affect this transition strategy.  If the results warrant, your legacy can live through those who helped you succeed.

  • Selling to another Company

    You have given it your best efforts. You achieved even more than you could ever envision. Now it is time for you to enjoy life with your family and friends in a different way. You want to reap the fruits of a lifetime of labor. CS3 Advisors will help you increase the intrinsic value of your business and position your business in a manner allowing you to get the most from it. We can identify and vet potential buyers and guide you through the negotiations for the optimum sale.

  • Selling to the Public Market (IPO)

    Your business is thriving and you believe you are ready to take on one of the biggest challenges a business can face: an Initial Public Offering (IPO). Not many businesses are able to successfully make this transition and CS3 Advisors have the expertise to analyze the market conditions, help your business meet the Stock Exchange Commission (SEC) requirements, and promote a road show that will attract the interest of investors toward your business.

  • Selling the Assets of Your Company to Another Company

    Your business grew larger than your plans and the struggles are not what you want to deal with on a daily basis. Selling some of your company’s assets could keep the organization at a size that you can manage with greater control and less stress. There is nothing wrong with this decision and CS3 Advisors can help identify the right assets to be divested and gain the highest value from the most strategic buyers.

  • Gifting the Business to your Offspring, a Charity, or to Legal Trusts for specific purposes

    Your business goals have been achieved and you want to leave a different kind of legacy that can only be achieved by giving back to society. However, you also need to provide for the support of you and your spouse, maybe even a different family member who needs support.  It is possible to provide a level of support for family and yet donate your business to a specific cause.  The CS3 Advisors team is ready to assist you in setting up the right structure to assure your goals are met.


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