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CS3 Tailors services to fit your needs

  • 1.) Diagnostics and Reporting Services

    A business review delivering a CS3 Blueprint™

    Your CS3 Blueprint will provide detailed scoping for your large projects. This detailed analysis will accurately determine your needs and eliminate the risk of investing time and money on the wrong solution.

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  • 2.) Project Specific Services

    A specific project that is looming, utilizing our Plus7 Process™

    CS3 Project based services follow our proven evaluation and project methodology known as our Plus7 Process™.  This seven-point model defines the ongoing relationship we have with each client and all project engagements.

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  • 3.) Full Access advisory Services

    A gap in staffing or skills with a CS3 ACCESS-Direct Plan™

    CS3 ACCESS-Direct Plan™ allows you to leverage the skills necessary to  fill management gaps.  These gaps may arise from fast growth, employee turnover, or your firm may simply be a size that can’t quite justify the full time expense of an experienced manager.  Our “virtual” executives will be available to you for ad-hoc consultation in addition to predefined, routine assignments that will help you reach your company goals.  Each CS3 ACCESS-Direct Plan™ provides you with membership to our private LinkedIn  group, The Boardroom, where you can collaborate with other CS3 ACCESS-Direct  members and the CS3 Advisors team.

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