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The CS3 SERV Access Plan™ is designed meet your ongoing support and educational needs. Your plan will  provide you  a high level of service that not only handles the typical “reactive” or “break fix” needs, but also gives you additional access to our consulting group for “pro-active” requests.  At the heart of the SERV Access Plan is one of CS3 Technology’s 18 Service Pillars - Engage in Knowledge Transfer.  We believe that knowledge transfer has occurred when you are self-sufficient in your day-to-day operations. By  maximizing what is offered through the SERV Access Plan you will receive a tremendous return on the investment from your software application.

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  •  What’s the difference between maintenance from a software publisher and a CS3 SERV Access Plan?

    CS3 SERV Access Plans are meant to extend your service options for additional support, and quicker, more personal responses. Your publishers’ maintenance plans will insure that you have the most current release of your product. The two work together to insure optimum utilization of your software tools.

  •  What is the CS3 Assessment?

    During the assessment, our consulting team will review your existing software setup, security, hardware, and data integrity. CS3 will then provide a “report card” of your software health and recommendations for improvements. We want to make sure the application is setup and deployed for your needs today!

  •  What are SmartTalks and CS3 University Online Library?

    SmartTalks is CS3’s monthly client user group meeting. Clients on a CS3 SERV Access Plan will also have access to the CS3 University Online Library which has additional video training on your product and the recordings of past SmartTalks.

  •  What is a CS3 Strategy Session?

    The most successful companies are those that have a well defined vision and explicit strategies. During your 2 to 4 hour session with CS3 leadership, we will review your corporate goals and the impact of systems in achieving those goals. After our strategy formation process, written recommendations are submitted and reviewed.

  •  Does the CS3 SERV Access Plan include version upgrades?

    Both Reserve and VIP plans have the option of including annual software upgrades with preferred pricing. Let us know you are interested and we will customize a quote for you.

  •  Do you guarantee a response time?

    Yes! Response times are guaranteed with the CS3 SERV Access Plan or we will write you a check. You will have “peace of mind” knowing that your response time will always be consistent.

  •  How do I purchase a CS3 SERV Access Plan?

    Both monthly and annual payment terms are available for the CS3 SERV Access Plan giving you convenient choices.

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