Taking your business to the next level with CS3's Plus7 Process™

What it is

Your relationship with CS3 will follow a proven evaluation and project methodology known as our Plus7 Process™.  This seven-point model defines the ongoing relationship we have with each client and all engagements.  Continuous process improvement is the key to your success and therefore our top priority.

How it works

  • Plus one - Discovery

    Your consultative sales process centers around a comprehensive discovery phase. This stage includes interviews with your key team members in order to detail critical issues and needs.  The information is translated into your Summary of Findings Document with a Return on Investment statement that defines the savings your solution should yield.

  • Plus two -  Design

    Utilizing your Summary of Findings Document, your business consultant will develop a solution designed to address your key business issues.  Taking a holistic approach, CS3 will evaluate the options and present the best recommendations to you.   More complex projects could benefit from a CS3 Blueprint, a detailed design that defines existing business processes, gap analysis, and recommendations.

  • Plus Three - Planing

    Project planning and management is vital to your successful implementation.  All engagements at CS3 include a closely monitored plan to assure your project remains on task, on time, and on budget.   Your plan will function as your “reality check”, ensuring scheduling, resources and finances are defined and scrutinized.

  • Plus Four - Education

    It is imperative that your team completely embrace any new solution and the improved business processes.  CS3 utilizes multiple education methodologies as needed.  Individual instruction, instructor led and on-demand recorded training are used for your ongoing success.

  • Plus Five - Validation

    Your validation or “proof of concept” phase is required for a successful project.   A working model will be prepared and utilized for confirming process flows, documentation, and customizations.

  • Plus Six - Deploy

    You can expect your solution deployment to be a “non-event” by embracing the Plus7 Process™.  Rest assured we will be readily available for assistance, support, and additional questions.

  • Plus Seven - Review and Refine

    Organizations are dynamic; they grow, they contract, they change strategic directions.  Continual process improvement allows your company to adapt to each new reality.  CS3 is here to assist your organization through each new challenge.

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