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18 Service Pillars

As a long term business partner, our staff becomes an extension of your organization, helping you meet your management, production and revenue goals. In order for CS3 Technology to meet your needs, our consultants perform at an exemplary level that is defined by the 18 Service Pillars outlined below.

1. Be Authentic – Authentic behavior is the most powerful quality we have as consultants. Authenticity is about undisputed credibility when you articulate what you are experiencing. In other words, you express the emotions you feel without being emotional.

2. Exhibit Professionalism at All Times – Conduct every action & communication with absolute professionalism. Bring a sense of calmness and assurance during times of stress for your client. Continuously work on improving your skills and knowledge. Maintain an impeccable character.

3. Demonstrate Success -Success is always measured against the client's written objectives and can only be achieved when it is demonstrated to the client. Always insure acknowledgment is communicated up and down throughout the client's organization.

4. Engage in Knowledge Transfer – Knowledge transfer has occurred when your client is self sufficient in their day-to-day operations. Multiple methods are employed including training, mentoring, hands-on experience, and interactions to insure success.

5. Stay Clear of Politics – While you must, without question, know and understand the politics of the client's situation, stay clear of getting involved. Do not get drawn in and choose a side.

6. Focus on Delivering Value – Everything you do for a client should provide a return on their investment. Just because you CAN do something, does not mean that you SHOULD.

7. Make the Client Look Good – Publicly recognize the contributions & successes of the client & their team. Always pass credit to those who have earned it.

8. Take Administrative Tasks Seriously – Administrative tasks are essential to the success of every project. This includes documenting project details accurately and on a timely basis.

9. Know Your Audience – Know to whom you are speaking, but do not talk up or down to anyone. Treat everyone's time and position with respect.

10. Spend Money as if it was Your Own – Clients expect to be billed for your expenses, but spend wisely. For travel, always seek the most cost-effective alternative. For meals, eat as you would at home. Always give the client the option to save money.

11. Project a Positive Attitude – Adversity and challenges are part of every engagement. They should always be met with a "can do" spirit. A positive attitude is contagious to the rest of the team.

12. Communicate – Communication is a two way process: always seek to understand BEFORE you try to be understood. You should use many forms of communication: calls, email and face-to-face, always assuming there will be an external audience.

13. Show Up Ready to Work – Study project information before you arrive. Have your materials (agenda, handouts, etc.) ready to go. Know what you are going to do this visit, discuss it briefly with the client as you arrive, then get to it.

14. Look for Improvements – Your relationship is based on trust and your ability to find and create solutions. Help your client identify needs they might not be aware of by looking past the immediate pain and find the root cause. Propose solutions or further research with the goal of developing alternatives.

15. Protect Your Integrity – Be truthful, even the when the message is hard for your client to hear. Be reliable. If you are unable to meet a commitment, communicate that quickly.

16. Under Promise, Over Deliver – Always be conservative in your estimates and promises; then deliver more than what is expected.

17. Never Leave the Client Guessing – Call to confirm every appointment. Arrive before your appointed time and debrief when leaving. Never leave without an acknowledgment from the client. Follow up the next day.

18. Know When You are in Over Your Head – If you suspect that you need help, ask for it. Always try to refer the situation to someone who can deal with it most expediently. It is all right (in fact, it is preferred) to say you do not know but will get the answer.

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