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Find the Right Talent

The ability to hire and retain the right employees is critical to your business growth and success. Finding a quality match sooner saves not only time and money, but will reduce turnover and help you build your employment brand.  The better the match, the more likely both you and the employee will be satisfied with the outcome.  Utilizing Scissortail HCM, it is easy to streamline applicant tracking, screening, selection, and onboarding by:

  • Utilizing complete requisition management that enables you to open and fill out job requisitions electronically, route them through a configurable approval workflow, and post and track the open positions.
  • Screening and hiring best-fit candidates who will excel in your organization
  • Ensuring compliance in hiring practices
  • Automatically searching the web for suitable candidates using a built in applicant seeker engine that lets you answer standard or customizable questions about an open position
  • Managing and communicating during the entire recruiting process to fill open positions more quickly and efficiently
  • Recruiting directly from social networking sites such as LinkedIn®
  • Gaining visibility using role-based dashboards that give managers and recruiters easy access to key information
  • Easily verifying employment eligibility

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Manage and Empower

With Scissortail HCM, you will experience a complete web-based workforce management system that takes many of the manual, time-consuming processes associated with human resources and helps manage them for you.  Leveraging the award winning Kronos technology, Scissortail HCM increases efficiencies with fully integrated modules, including:

  • Applicant tracking and on-boarding
  • Benefit administration including open enrollment and life events
  • Performance management and incident/discipline tracking
  • Training and certifications management
  • Asset management
  • Compliance and reporting
  • Position and job management
  • Compensation management
  • ACA
  • Off-boarding


Self-service functionality takes it one step further by empowering your team to handle many of their own HR and payroll related tasks with workflow options designed for all types of users, from employees and managers to HR and payroll Administrators alike.


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Collect and Track

Experience better bottom-line results with streamlined time and attendance management processes and devices that help you increase efficiency and control labor costs associated with your most expensive asset.


Employee absences — whether planned or unplanned — can have a big impact on your productivity. Scissortail HCM will help you control and mitigate the effects of absenteeism with

  • Web entry, time clock, telephony, mobile application technology
  • Automatic calculation of accrual balances
  • Eligibility tracking based on tenure, hours worked, vacation, sick time or other user defined criteria
  • Prevention of unauthorized time off
  • Real-time exception management, including missed punches and early/late in triggers
  • Flexible and convenient workforce scheduling options
  • Effective budgeting of labor costs and forecasting overtime


Without accurate, automated time and leave of absence management, employers are at risk of noncompliance with leave regulations such as the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and potentially subject to fines or class-action lawsuits.

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Process and Pay

Employees expect you to deliver a perfect paycheck - each and every time.  Developed to be both easy to use and intuitive, Scissortail HCM is a powerful web-based application that simplifies your entire payroll process while ensuring accuracy and providing in-depth reporting options.  This fully integrated payroll engine offers

  • Quick access to the data you need to process payroll right the first time
  • Continuous payroll processing in real time with calculations as you go, so no more waiting
  • Versatile pay rules that make it easy to determine pay for all pay types
  • Automatic tax table updates
  • Seamless handling of any number of scenarios from basic to complex


Backed by Kronos, Scissortail HCM offers reliable technology to ensure you have complete control of your payroll.  With simplicity at the core of the payroll application, you will easily improve workforce productivity, control labor costs and minimize compliance risks.

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Review and Report

Throughout Scissortail HCM, employees and managers will have up to the minute access to relevant information that directly impacts the success of the company.  The information is organized into easy to read reports and views in a single, integrated database offering greater consistency across all locations, departments and entities.  Find critical information quickly and easily using dashboards, application tabs, drill-down features and quick links.  Immediate access to employee records, payroll information, employee schedules, and timesheets allows you to make appropriate adjustments that drive positive results.  With over 150 configurable standard reports and modifiable dashboards, information that reflects how you do business is just a click away.

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Expand and Enhance

Scissortail HCM Marketplace is a portal that allows you to leverage pre-integrated solutions backed by Kronos™ right from your workforce management platform’s user interface. Similar to a mobile app store, the Marketplace is your one-stop shop for applications and services, including compensation reports, background checks, employment eligibility verification, and more, that extend the power and functionality of the system to help you achieve even more effective workforce management.


Marketplace offerings include:

• Travel and expense report management

• Background checks

• Employment eligibility verification

• HR and payroll knowledge base

• Salary reports

• Extended Recruitment solutions

• Benefits carrier integration

• Telephony data collection systems

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