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One more benefit of knowing us is that we share the wealth. Get a cash reward for rescuing your friends and colleagues!

Our best clients continue to come from the referrals of our existing clients.  We have developed this program to thank and compensate you for helping our company grow.  Here is what is in it for you:


  • CS3 pays you a referral fee of $500 (or to a charity of your choice)
  • Referral fees will be paid on the first engagement of a new customer to CS3
  • Your check will be cut upon receipt of a signed proposal from your referral
  • CS3 closes the deal with 40% of our client referrals
  • Every time you refer someone to us, you have a 40% probability of earning $500!


Telling the story

our elevator speech:

CS3 helps mid-market companies solve technology issues with software and business process improvement.


And a bit more information…

We provide great value to companies using older technology, as well as those struggling with confusing or difficult business processes. CS3 takes the headache out of HR, payroll, and accounting by making sure software systems and business processes are effective and efficient. Creating order from chaos is really our deal!


  • Geography:  Primarily based in South Central Region, including OK, TX, AR, KS, and MO, but we are happy to go to other states
  •  Size of organization: 5 Million to 50 Million in Revenue
  •  Industry: Distribution, light manufacturing, business services



  • Geography: Based in the US
  •  Size of organization:  200 to 3,000 employees
  •  Industry:  All, but we have extraordinary knowledge in manufacturing, healthcare and banking


Let us help you too

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grow as well.

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