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Work Smarter, Not Harder

Scissortail HCM is a unified human capital management (HCM) cloud platform that helps manage your workforce through the entire employee lifecycle – On-boarding to Off-boarding.  Build efficiencies and lower costs by fully automating the necessary and often labor-intensive business processes with consistent, real-time employee data.


Be the Best

Gain the competitive edge using single source access across all areas of workforce management to make better, more informed decisions that will have a positive impact on your overall business.

Leverage the Power of One

Beginning with a cloud based end-to-end workforce management platform that conforms to your business environment, Scissortail HCM leverages the power of one – one single platform built on one database, one consistent interface, one employee record, one system that works.  Software development is backed by the development team of Kronos™.

The Scissortail HCM Difference:

  • Enterprise level software on a small to mid-sized business budget.
  • Fully integrated Hiring, HR, Timekeeping, Absence management, and Payroll use a common user interface, database, and workflow.
  • Modular. If you are looking for only one application, such as time and labor management, you can get it.  Buy only what you need, then add more as needed.
  • Real-time information. Scissortail HCM uses dynamic, real-time information.  With drill down analysis you can make decisions based on facts.
  • Cloud-based. It's a SaaS-based solution so Scissortail HCM is managed for you. No more worrying about hardware, costly software updates and other IT resources.
  • Easy mobile access. No matter where you are or when you want to work, just access the mobile app and get things done when needed.

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Engage, Empower and Retain

Attracting the right talent is expensive, and retaining them isn’t always easy.  Sage HRMS has the right tools to manage recruiting, onboarding, HR and benefit administration, time and attendance, payroll, and training through the entire employee lifecycle – from hire to retire.

Focus on the Future

The typical HR department spends around 50% of their time processing employee information and answering questions.  Sage HRMS lets you spend less time on time consuming, costly administrative tasks so the focus can shift to the most important asset of your company – your people.

Do More for Less

Sage HRMS automation frees up valuable time that you can spend on more strategic initiatives. Wouldn’t you like to improve the overall work environment for your employees, uncover ways to save on workforce related costs, and improve existing talent through training and development programs.

The Sage HRMS difference:

  • On-Premises, Purchased Model – Most firms retain software for an average of 7 years.  Make a one-time payment and the software is yours to run on your existing network.  Offsite employees can have ready access via several choices of remote connection tools.
  • Hosted deployment.  In addition to the traditional on-premises installation, Sage has partnered with vendors who offer solutions that eliminate the need for additional internal IT support for Sage HRMS.
  • Industry leading report writer.  Although there are over 150 standard reports included with Sage HRMS, Crystal Reports is also included for more extensive, customized reporting needs.
  • Modular. Sage HRMS can be purchased with only the components you need.  If payroll and benefit administration are your hot buttons, start there and add as you need.
  • Centralized current and historic information about active and inactive employees.  Sage HRMS gives you unmatched views of your workforce enabling you to securely share the data with executives and managers to help company leadership make decisions based on fact rather than gut instinct.

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