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Eye Express

Eye Express SEES Clearly with

CS3 Technology and Sage 100 ERP

Eye glasses are the first accessory people notice, so having the best look possible is very important.  Eye Express is Central Florida's largest and most progressive optical boutique and on-site lab, with 9 locations displaying thousands of eyewear options to fit each customers personality and budget.


With Board Certified specialists on staff to provide comprehensive medical eye exams coupled with the latest styles in eyewear, world class customer service and satisfaction is key to their business model. Naturally, when Martin Munger, CFO and self-proclaimed Director of First Impressions, and Kim Abad, VP of Operations, went in search of a new ERP product to replace their existing QuickBooks software, their goal was to engage with a firm that held those same standards.


The new system initiative began when they realized they had maxed out QuickBooks capacity and it couldn’t interface with their current point of sale (POS)  system, Office Mate Enterprise (OME).  Frustration mounted when no one could actually make it work.    With the owner’s aggressive growth plans, Kim quickly realized the system was coming to a screeching halt.  She said, “We needed more appropriate software for our size and our dream was to have everything integrated.” Martin added, “We looked at Peachtree, upgrading QuickBooks and at MAS 200(Sage 100 ERP). Sage 100 ERP was recommended highly and had other companies like ours using it.  It seemed to be a good fit.”


Sheri Blaho, VP of Sales and Marketing with CS3 Technology, and her team introduced Eye Express to the product, went through a complete and detailed discovery process, provided a comprehensive ROI and presented the appropriate solution to their needs utilizing Sage 100 ERP and BizInsights for financial reporting.         Eye Express liked what they saw from a software standpoint, did some testing, but made the final decision based on the CS3 team themselves.   “Sheri gave us time to analyze it, play with it and make sure it worked for us.  That gave us confidence in the software; however, software is software.  Ninety percent  of a successful engagement is the consulting team you work with.  Whoever is hiring at CS3 is doing it right because they have the right mixture and know how to hire a team player.  Every staff member is a major asset – from sales to system design to ongoing support”, Martin explained.  “Extremely well done.”


Although the relationship with the CS3 team played a large part in the decision process, the software needed to provide significant benefit as well.  Martin said one of the major changes he has seen centers around the integration with other systems, specifically between the POS and accounting side as well as between

ADP and Sage 100 ERP.  “Data entry from OME to QuickBooks used to take a   couple of hours for strictly the deposit piece.  With Sage 100 ERP, this is getting done in less than 5 minutes.  From a payroll perspective, what used to take 2-3 hours with ADP/QuickBooks takes about 8 minutes because of the bridge created between ADP and Sage 100 ERP by our lead consultant, Beth Welch.”


Martin recognizes that the ability to produce their needed reports easily and timely is a huge benefit.  He said, “Reporting is still at an infancy stage, but we can download easily to Excel and manipulate the data in a way I want to see it.  BizInsights is amazing and I’m looking forward to using this in its full capacity.  We had auditors around when we were doing the testing, and they feel this will help them out tremendously.”  Martin added, “It’s a Win Win situation all the way through.”


One area that Kim noticed a big difference was the efficiency of her staff. “We used to do a lot of manual entry with deposits, tying up multiple people.  Other things were slipping away that were more critical.  Accounts receivable was going unworked.  Having the time to focus our time and attention on more important , non-administrative tasks is huge for us.”


Eye Express opted for a remote implementation of the new system.  Martin stated, “The remote model was great. With Gary Crouch, CS3 Project Manager and Beth, you could quickly tell it was not their first conversion.  Because the project plan was so well detailed and the daily tasks clearly defined, it was easy to stay focused.  The team explained everything along the way. Between scheduled implementation sessions, we had time to practice and play with the system and write down questions to go over at the next meeting.  It was very hands- on, but you didn’t feel tied to a consultant all day.”  During the transition to Sage 100 ERP, there was a lot going on at Eye Express; they were changing banks, accounting firms, and software.  “These were monumental changes for us and things could have gotten out of control easily.  It was very apparent early on that CS3 had experience dealing with several significant changes at the same time.  There was structure, a plan, a timeline, assigned roles and responsibilities.  CS3 took all of that stress off of us.  If something needed to change, they happily shifted timelines in what couldn’t have been an easier or more understanding way.  Any given week, we knew what was expected from us and from them.  Flexibility was key”, Kim said. “During a previous payroll company change, it was complete chaos.  We had to be the expert and the one asking the questions.  We learned that if someone isn’t steering, you go off track.  It was GREAT to have a company like CS3 keep us on track. ”With the right tools in place, company goals can be achieved.  Eye Express recently opened a new location.


Growth continues with the next big project being a remodel and addition of a centralized lab with a new distribution center tied to this.  Budgeting, reporting, and performance against budget will be easily accessible, something they haven’t been able to do in the past.


Now that the Sage 100 ERP implementation is complete, both Kim and Martin have a similar feeling about the direction of Eye Express and what can be accomplished.  “The word ‘optimism’ comes to mind.  We are looking toward the future.  Now that we have solid, dependable data, we can make the best use of that information to make intelligent and solid business decisions”, Martin said.  Kim added, “I feel more confident that we have the knowledge to set a course for the future.  Thanks to CS3 , we can clearly see where we are going.”

The Client:

Eye Express

215 1st Street North, Suite 100

Winter Haven, FL 33881



The Solution:

  • Sage 100 ERP including:
  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Intercompany
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • GL Interface
  • BizInsights


Business Issues that led the need for a new system:

  • Multi-company processing
  • Lack of integration
  • Manual entry between systems
  • Ease of reporting
  • Over use of Excel
  • Outgrown QuickBooks


Results of Implementing Sage 100 ERP:

  • Integration between Sage 100 ERP and other systems eliminated or reduced processing/manual entry from hours to minutes
  • Budgeting, reporting, and performance against budget is easily accessible
  • Increase in staff efficiency
  • Reduction in Accounts Receivable
  • Solid, dependable data to drive company growth
  • Stability



“I feel more confident that we have the knowledge to set a course for the future. Thanks to CS3 , we can clearly see where we are going.”


~Kim Abad,

Vice President of



“Our input mattered. CS3 never downplayed our needs and concerns. They always made me feel like I was the most important customer.”


~Martin Munger,

CFO and Director of

First Impressions

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