Have a plan.

Have a process.

CS3 ACCESS-Direct Plan™ allows you to leverage the skills necessary to  fill management gaps.  These gaps may arise from fast growth, employee turnover, or your firm may simply be a size that can’t quite justify the full time expense of an experienced manager.  Our “virtual” executives will be available to you for ad-hoc consultation in addition to predefined, routine assignments that will help you reach your company goals.

We have the Knowledge and Experience Needed to effectively manage regulations and legal liabilities.

Manufacturing companies sometimes struggle to keep up with the laundry list of regulations centered on their people and processes. Let our HR experts ensure that your operations remain in compliance and safe from potential repercussions.

We have the tools necessary to Build and manage a reliable workforce through best practice Policies

All supervisors need a router and BOM to manage production. However, not all managers truly understand what fair treatment means. Our HR experts equip your leadership the knowledge to manage employees.

We add value to companies through responsible and proven established Processes

Many manufacturers have a hire/fire process already in place; however, it is often not well document and is vulnerable to legal issues. Our HR professionals are here to ensure that your business is compliant and protected.


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