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Michelle Taylor
Senior Consultant
At CS3 Technology Since 2016





Having met Gary and Shawn years ago, and learning more about their organization since, I had gained such respect for them and I knew I wanted to work at CS3. When timing was right, we made it happen!


What is the scariest thing you have ever done?


Ropes course…10 feet off the ground…over hard, asphalt paving. It took more than an hour...the longest, most excruciating 75 minutes for me, ever. The course has 25 20-foot sections, each with a different obstacle. The first section was 3 barrels, end to end, not connected to each other, that you climb through. Sounds innocuous, right?? Until you look down…with or without a tether. So, even though we each had a harness with a swell carabiner, I had seen Cliffhanger! Yet, even before that sense had taken hold, my 11-year old son, who had jumped to the front of the line, decided that he was deathly afraid of heights…as he was frozen, trying to step into the first barrel. Perhaps it was my empathy that took such a strong hold, as I moved the front of the line, I had as much fear welling inside as my son was voicing. Between feeling the need to show him that you should give everything you can to conquer your fears and proving to myself that I could do this, successfully, I could not manage another single thought except to escape the swing barrels. With this full-on fear gripping me, my son was removed from the ropes course after we finally completed the first task…which was an entirely new fear experience – watching my child climb into a cherry-picker with NO tether! (I swore to myself that would never happen again.) It was on the 23rd section that my then 10-year old daughter said to me, “just slide, like that girl over there.” “That girl” being maybe a 45-pound 7-year-old, who rode the zip-line, just pushing her way by the obstacles Yet, it somehow gave me enough comfort in the tether that I could breathe more deeply…but only until the second time we climbed the steps to do the ropes course, which had me not quite as harried! P.S. My daughter absolutely loved the course…all 3 times!


What movie always make you cry?


P.S. I Love You – What else could one person do to ensure the love of their life was okay in life once they were gone?!?


Cake or Pie?


Cake! With no icing, please. The moistest part of the cake, though – the top of the cake, that ends up on the bottom of the cake plate


Favorite TV show


Anything criminal mystery/who-done-it: Criminal Minds, NCIS, CSI.


Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall?


Fall! Anywhere, doing anything!


What have you tried that you are simply not good at?


Playing the guitar. Not enough patience in the word to make my fingers move so differently.


What do you think must be the worst occupation?


Anything requiring working mid-day outside in the middle of the summer!






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