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Linda Hollingsworth
Client Account Manager
At CS3 Technology Since 2014

I am a proud Okie and graduated from Oklahoma State University with two degrees: BA in Psychology, and an MBA. (Changing career paths when I realized that Psychologists do not actually always see quirky, funny clients like Bob Newhart did on his TV sitcom of the 1970’s!) My first job out of graduate school was with Arthur Andersen in their Consulting division, where I was introduced to programming and the world of I.T…. and where I was able to work with quirky, funny professionals instead!

My career in I.T. has spanned several industries, including health care, financial services, and telecommunications, as well as several business functions, including HR benefits, payroll, general business accounting, patient accounting, and managed care EDI. As a Project Manager, my goal is to facilitate the smooth and efficient exchange of information between the CS3 implementation team and the client so that we can successfully deliver quality systems implementations on time and to the client’s specifications.

Top of my Bucket List:

I was born in Bartlesville, OK, but my “formative years” from age 4 to 11 were spent in Antwerp, Belgium where I became fluent in French, Belgian chocolate, and cheese fondue… in that order. Most of the rest of my years were spent in Oklahoma, although my work has always taken me around the country and the world. Top of my bucket list is to take my husband and children to Belgium and around Europe to see and experience the culture and people that I feel like I grew up with. There are so many unique American experiences that I didn’t have as a young child – things like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, TV shows of the 60’s, and Hershey candy bars - but I will always have an affinity for Europeans…even in Oklahoma!

What is your greatest addiction?

You mean, other than chocolate?

What keeps me busy outside of work, that makes me better at my work?

Girl Scouting. I have been a leader in Girl Scouts for 8 years, helping my daughter and her many Scouting friends to grow in their appreciation of our world, our country, our community, our environment, each other and themselves. I now also serve as a Service Unit Manager for all of the Girl Scout leaders whose troops are based in South Tulsa. With a son and husband in Boy Scouts, we are the quintessential Scouting Family… although admittedly I would still prefer to sleep in a cabin (devoid of spiders, wasps and anything with pincers) over a tent!

The scariest thing I have ever done:

Administering CPR to a friend and neighbor. Every person above the age of 12 should have First Aid and CPR training in some way, shape or form. This experience reinforced the fact that you never know when, where or to whom you may need to perform this or other potentially life-saving procedures. Learn how now and stay current so that the emotion of the moment doesn’t incapacitate you. American Red Cross offers classes everywhere!

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