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Jessica Morency
Senior Account Executive
At CS3 Technology Since 2015

Bed and Breakfast or tent?

Both. Living in New Hampshire, we have some of the best camping spots you can find. I love getting outside for the weekend, sitting around the camp fire, coming up with interesting things to try to cook over wood and spending time on the lake. However, as fun as camping can be, it’s nice to be pampered sometimes! Once the weather is cooler and the snow starts to fall, spending time in a cozy New England bed and breakfast is up there on my list of preferred weekend getaways.

Top of my bucket list…

Definitely Italy. My husband and have been planning this trip for about 3 years now and still haven’t made it there. Ireland and England are next on the list, but I’ve always wanted to explore Italy where my family is from.

Spring, summer, winter or fall?

Fall. My husband and I recently moved back to New Hampshire after spending the last 13 years in Florida and my favorite time of year is fall. The leaves here are gorgeous, pumpkin spice everything is in season, the local fairs and farmers markets are in full swing and apple picking is just around the corner. Apple crisp, anyone?


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