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Holly Novak
Manager of HCM Consulting
At CS3 Technology Since 2015

Like many others, human resources happened to me instead of me choosing it, but I have loved every minute of it! I started my human resource career as a specialist for the Federal Aviation Administration and then moved on from there to various other companies as an HR Manager, Staffing Manager, and then eventually as the Vice President of HR for a large non-profit organization. All of those positions, to include about 6 years working in the program/operations area, has primed me to work with human resource professionals and organizations and better understand the many facets of the personnel world!

I am also a Past President for the Texas Panhandle SHRM and currently a District Director for TX SHRM as well as a current member of HR Houston. I believe that involvement with those groups helps me to even further understand the needs of HR Professionals and better serve the CS3 clients. I am extremely excited to be part of the CS3 team as a consultant!

What things keep you busy outside of work, that makes you better at work?

I am a people person so I love to be around others and talk with people which of course allows me to better serve others once I get to know them. I also love to be outside and active with my family to include bike riding, running, CrossFit, etc. I think that all of those activities make me better at my work because they all make me happier, healthier, and alert!

What makes an idea great?

For an idea to be great, it has to have a clear purpose, meet a need of some kind, solve a problem, and you have to actually believe in it!

What is the scariest thing you have ever done?

Becoming a parent for sure! There are no manuals for those little things, and having someone completely dependent on you for 18-21 years is terrifying!

What is the most beautiful word you can think of?

Family – to me this extends far beyond my blood family to my precious friends and even to the strangers and I interact with that make me smile.

What is your greatest addiction?

My greatest addiction would be working out – I love it! The past couple years, my husband and I have been addicted to CrossFit and that has changed our lives for the better. Best thing we ever tried and now totally hooked.

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