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​Your Abra Migration Plan Needs to Solidify Now.
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by: Sheri Blaho

Most of you may know by now that FoxPro, the database that contains all your Abra employee data, ceased to be supported by Microsoft as of 1/13/2015. You also know that your Abra software continued to operate just fine on 1/14/2015. But your firm has now moved into higher risk area and have some constraints you need to consider. 

According to Josh McGowan of NSN Management, “Lack of support from Microsoft means they no longer test any releases of their operating systems with FoxPro.” He went on to say, “This means if you are running Windows 7 or Windows 8 for example, any patch that has been released since 1/13/2015 was not tested with FoxPro.” He suggests that you have a way to test these patches yourselves before applying them to computers where your FoxPro data is stored or accessed.

The alternative of not applying any patches creates other problems. McGowan shared, “If you don’t apply the patches, critical features related to security will not be updated. I would suggest that the first thing your clients do is develop their migration plan from the Abra FoxPro version. They are in a vulnerable situation.”

Microsoft has also announced that Windows 10 will become available in late summer. This is definitely an update you do not want to make while still using FoxPro.

A typical migration for systems that include the Abra Payroll module take about 90 days. When you fold in the time for your evaluation and review, you are looking at a 4 month period before your firm will be on the new system. We are encouraging all our clients to migrate before the end of 2015 or to have a firm plan for first quarter of 2016.

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