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You Are the CEO of Your Career
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This month’s IMA Institute of Managerial Accountants technical meeting was held on Tuesday, September the 20th and the topic of the discussion was “You are the CEO of Your Career – Taking Charge and Moving Forward.” The presenter Heidi Hartman is a 20-year veteran of corporate HR and is currently the principal of Luna Sol Consulting. Heidi’s clients range from non-profits to Fortune 500 energy companies.


One area addressed was the importance of understanding what your strengths and weaknesses are in order to maximize your career. Using employee assessment tools like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a great way to get this information. Such assessments will give insight into your abilities and personality traits.


Once in a career that “fits,” it is very important to have both a professional mentor and great relationships with associates. Career growth and advancement will be a struggle without such advisement and influence.

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