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From Sage’s TechFlash for November 2012 Year-end is always a busy time for HR and payroll professionals. 2012 is an exciting time for the W2 season with changes like the Cost of Health Care reporting requirement of a Code DD field on W2s. You may also have employees in Pennsylvania and have to now report the Tax Collector District Codes and tax amounts on the W2. Sage is delivering product updates that will allow the Sage Abra Suite deductions to report both employee and employer amounts onto the W2 with a Code of DD. However, eFiling can be a great way to simplify your year end and your W2 edits if your Sage Abra Suite system is not setup with an employee/employer deduction. With Sage wage and tax eFiling through Aatrix, this easy-to-use electronic filing service ensures 100% compliance by allowing for all fields to be added or edited in a single easy to see and understand screen. What's more, you can even give your employees immediate access to online W-2s after electronically filing. Additional information about the offering may be found for Sage HRMS at: and for Sage Abra Suite at

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