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Wow! Now that is Customer Service
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By:  Sheri Blaho

I just  made my morning stop at QuikTrip, my favorite convenience store, to get my standard daily drink.  Much to my dismay the fountain for that drink was empty.  The manager tried to get it to work, but alas, no White Tea with Antioxidants and  sugar free, was going to come out of that fountain.

She asked me where I was headed, then gave me another location to try.  She also phoned ahead so I could get my drink for free!  I know we are only talking about 99 cents, but that is how you get customers for life. 

I have worked here at CS3 for ten years now and have the privilege of watching a team of consultants that do that every week.  I have seen them work late, skipping fun-filled activities because a client needed something special.  I know they have worked tons of Saturdays when a client crisis occurred.  We all expect that of a good vendor.

But the thing I see them do routinely is "make the call" or "find the website" to answer questions for clients that really have nothing to do with our core business.   They go that extra mile to track down answers for our clients.  They see that an issue is important to the client and they help.  To that end, we have recently deemed Brandi Clymer "Head of Customer Wow."  I know all of you who work with Brandi will endorse this new title. 

I LOVE working at this place.

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