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​Why do I still need Abra Suite after I migrate to Sage HRMS?
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By: Brandi Clymer

We know that it’s confusing, but there are actually some really good reasons! The primary reason you still need to keep Abra Suite around is that there is not an equivalent to the Abra Suite tables in HRMS. Thus, there is no way for us to convert your past W2s, 941s, 940s, or other forms into Sage HRMS. To keep access to those important forms, CS3 recommends one of the following choices:

  • 1. Recommended: Install Abra Suite on your new HRMS server to make it available to end users for lookup of historical items. Eventually a new version of Windows will come out that Abra Suite will not work on, but we will keep an eye on this and let you know once this becomes an issue.
  • 2. Print all documents you want to save to a PDF file and save in a shared folder for users.

CS3’s standard scope of work for a migration includes a conversion of pay history from Abra Suite’s current year for W2s purposes plus one additional year to account for the 2 years needed for ACA Analysis using My Workforce Analyzer. We have had requests to convert more years of history and here are a few reasons that it can cause issues:

  • 1. There are old codes used in previous years that will require additional setup and create clutter in Sage HRMS.
  • 2. Many times edits were done for W-2 purposes that did not include the pay history table in Abra Suite which means the pay history data does not balance with the W2s.
  • 3. The additional years of history increase the size of your payroll history database. Hard drive space is cheap but no need in filling up the database any earlier than would happen normally. This can eventually slow the system processing, backups and other time consuming functions.
  • 4. Having the original source data available for any audits is preferable to converted data. Once the statute of limitations on tax filings expire, you will most likely be able to shut the system down.

The bottom line is that CS3’s desire is for all of our clients to move forward with all of the data that is required to run all programs smoothly and successfully in the future. Sage HRMS is a wonderful product, and with the backup from Abra Suite we will be there to help you have a successful migration to Sage HRMS!

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