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When Did That Happen? Sage HRMS Alerts & Workflow.
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I’ve been representing and selling Sage HRMS products for many years now and one of the most powerful tools we have is also one of the most under-utilized by HR and Payroll professionals. I frequently hear clients asking how they could possibly automate HR and Payroll processes when so much of it seems to require the ‘human touch.’ But, if you stop to think of all of the day to day responsibilities HR and Payroll administrators have, you’ll quickly see that process automation is not only a ‘nice to have,’ but it is a ‘must have.’ Not only from a time savings perspective, but also to ensure that the organization is maintaining compliance with all of the ever changing employment regulations.

Have you ever found yourself saying “When did THAT happen?” or “If only we had known,” then maybe it’s time to look at a Business Activity Monitoring solution. It can ensure compliance and also keep up with manual tasks like generating and distributing the same reports week after week or sifting through your web from requests and generic HR inbox looking for items that require a response or forwarding to other departments. How much time do you spend looking through an entire report when you’re really only interested in the “exceptions”? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to deal with those issues proactively rather than reactively?

If you need some specific examples to get the conversation started, I’ve got you covered in the white paper I wrote “Common HR Scenarios for Sage HRMS Alerts & Workflow.” This will give you some insight into some common uses; however, I’m confident that once you start thinking about other processes your company may have, that you will likely uncover even more!

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