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What is your objective - Let that drive your design
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by: Sheri Blaho


For those of you that missed the Tulsa Chapter American Marketing Association meeting sorry for your loss.  As usual, it was just great.  Today's speaker was Winston Peraza, Chief Creative Officer of Cubic, Inc.


Winston shared the value of bringing the creative team to the beginning of a project rather than doling out tasks after the project has been defined.  Rather than asking your creative team create a brochure (a task that was defined in a project meeting to increase sales) ask the creative team how THEY might see a way to increase sales.  The results can be amazing.  A brochure could be the wrong solution. Instead a website, an app, or a multitude of tools the designers are INTIMATELY familiar with may be the better solution.  Give the designer the Big Picture at inception and it can save you time and money.


Cubic recently worked with the Muskogee Chamber of Commerce.  Rather than simply coming up with a new logo and slogan they helped them find their "brand voice" transforming their image in the state and the country.  It is worth taking a few minutes to look at the "Real Okie" of  Muskogee and other Cubic work.


As always, I invite you to join me next month for the lunch meeting of the Tulsa AMAon August 21st.  I will buy lunch for the first person who responds to my blog!





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