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What is a Scissortail?
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We announced our new product this month - Scissortail HCM


Besides our new Human Capital Management software suite, Scissortails are also known as the Oklahoma State Bird. They are usually blue-ish gray and salmon pink, and are often seen sitting on fences during the summer and fall. They also sport quite a long tail that is split down the middle and looks quite similar to a pair of scissors. Most Oklahomans can identify them quickly, since they are so striking. 


At CS3, we're proud to be headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and excited about our new, striking HCM suite, so we took the name from an Oklahoma staple for Scissortail HCM. The product logo is also subtly similar to the Scissortail's tail! 


Scissortail HCM

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Logo for CS3 Technology.





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