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Welcome Jessica Morency to the Team
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by: Christina Crouch


Join us in welcoming Jessica Morency to Team CS3! We're especially excited to have her on board. Sheri looks forward to having her on the sales team. “We consider hiring Jessica an absolute coup. She has a broad range of experience with the industry and the publisher. Adding her to the team will yield exponential value to our customers.” 


Jessica has known us for awhile, “I worked with Brandi Clymer and Sheri Blaho on a few projects in the past. We had a great working relationship, so when I had the opportunity to join CS3’s team I knew it would be a good fit,” Jessica said. “I like the way CS3 operates internally, with the mentality of a small company.”


Jessica will be working out of New Hampshire, expanding our list of remote offices. She has worked with Sage Abra Suite as a client, and as Sage Support. You may see a product video or demo from her in the near future.


Welcome, Jessica!   

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