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Welcome Holly Novak, Senior HR Consultant
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by: Christina Crouch

We are all very excited to welcome Holly Novak to the CS3 Team as a Senior HR Consultant! Brandi, as HR manager, is especially looking forward to working with her. “She brings a depth of HR knowledge that makes the CS3 team even stronger. Her product specific knowledge and knowing how she has used the products we implement will make her a valuable asset for our clients.”

Holly has over 15 years of HR experience, from all different areas. The list of positions includes HR manager, recruiter, HRMS manager, six years of HR operations experience, and HR director. She has a Business Management degree from Texas Tech University. She got her MBA in 2014.

When asked what she liked about her job Holly said, “I enjoy HR because you can do almost anything. Benefits, recruiting, training, generalist, and employee relations are all under the umbrella.”  She has known Chris for quite awhile thanks to SHRM, and recently went through an implementation with her previous employer. So she knew we would be a great fit for her!

Holly lives with her husband Todd and two girls, ages 8 and 10, in the Houston area. When not at work, she is very active with her family outdoors. They often go hiking, biking, and participate in 5Ks. Todd and Holly are regularly involved in Crossfit.

Welcome, Holly!

Holly Novak and family

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