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Automation of any kind is top of mind as technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Robot work-forces are grabbing headlines. Sorting out which of these are going to be interesting but novelty technologies and which will have true impact on your business can be difficult. Warehouse Automation should fall into the latter, not the former. Manually tracking an inventory should not be anyone's primary job function in a business environment that relies on up to the minute information. It becomes much more important for companies that have a large portion of their costs associated with a physical revenue.

With the internet of things helping businesses operate and the increased functionality of handheld devices it has no longer become a luxury to have the ability to scan inventory and track that data automatically in the system that is the backbone of a business.

If you are not sure if warehouse automation is for you, ask yourself the following:

Do I need to know the value of my inventory in real time?

Do I have any manual processes associated with tracking my inventory?

Do I need to compete with more sophisticated companies?

Do I need to reduce the costs and risks associated with managing my inventory?

If the answer is "Yes" to any of the above, you should consider how warehouse automation can help you function as an agile, modern business.

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