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W2 - To Mail or Not to Mail...that is the question
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By:  Chris Luttrell

With so much access to all types of information on the internet, many employers struggle with whether they should provide employees access to their information online or keep doing things the old fashioned way, using snail mail.

As part of the leadership team for Texas SHRM ( www.texas.shrm.org ), we discuss this type of thing on an ongoing basis and try to provide guidance to the members of SHRM based on the expertise we gain from trusted colleagues, governing organizations, and quite frankly, word of mouth from the folks that are doing it both ways.

Many companies have initiatives in place to go paperless.  That is easier and easier to do with current technology.  There are so many “electronic” options these days with many HRIS systems, including Sage HRMS, offering an employee self-service portal that allows an employee to see pay information and details, demographic stats, time off balances, company provided assets, and benefit information, just to name a few.

One of my co-workers, Cathey Pangborn, recently wrote an excellent white paper on providing W2s electronically.  Click here to view the white paper. She  summarizes what the IRS rules are around electronic distribution, provides some clear benefits to do it this way, and even details a great eFiling service that can be used to accomplish it all.  Check it out…it’s definitely worth the read.

Bottom line is employees are constantly getting more tech savvy and demanding that organizations keep up.   If you haven’t already, I would strongly suggest looking in to more paperless options for your company in 2015!





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