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Value Pricing with Ed Kless
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We asked Ed Kless to talk to the CS3 team during our company retreat. We focus on value pricing, thanks to Ed, and so each time we bring new team members in, it is helpful for all of us to revisit the principles of value.

We want to maximize the value we bring to all our clients.

His intention as a consultant is “to help you (the client) and your organization make the best possible decision.” If the client doesn’t know the value, then they can’t make the best decision. So, how do we get to the point where all involved parties know the value of a solution?

  1. Listen
  2. Assuage
  3. Move
  4. Close - By getting permission to ask more questions about the problem.

This way, we aren’t solving issues that have no value. If we move away from the first solution, we can see the problem from all angles and make sure the customer gets the value they’re looking for.

To hear more from Ed Kless, listen to his podcast here:   

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