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Unsung Heroes
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by: Bill Morrison

Our primary customers consist of Human Resource and Payroll Personnel who are expected to take on a heavier work load during implementation and testing with the reward of having a better tool to work with upon completion of the project. Thanks to their work, the rest of the company benefits because of gains in recruiting ability, tracking labor costs, and with Self Service and Benefit Enrollment, an improvement in the overall relationship with the employee. 

The unsung hero in these implementations is often the Information Technology Person assigned to the task. They get additional work and then move on to another project without much reward. Sometimes this is a simple task, but it can be a job that requires a lot of their time because of the intricacies of the various systems involved. In addition to ability, the attitude of the employee assigned to the task can make or break an implementation.

Crystal Flash is a Fuel Distribution Company based in Grand Rapids Michigan that has handled the fuel needs of residents and businesses throughout the great lakes area for more than 80 years. At Crystal Flash, CS3 Technology is completing a major software upgrade that involves both upgrades of current software and addition of new software.

As a cost saving measure, Crystal Flash chose to keep a custom Manager Time Entry system which we developed for them almost ten years ago. There are now newer and higher tech programs that were not available back then, but they chose not to spend additional funds at this time when this system efficiently does exactly what they need. The downside was that the program had to be modified to work with the new HR and Payroll Software and they would now have SQL, FoxPro, and Access systems operating together on their system and accessible from many locations.

The Information Technology person assigned to support the HR and Payroll operation is Beth Cole. When you first talk to Beth on the phone you immediately feel like she is an old friend and her demeanor says “what can I do to help”. Beth always takes a positive attitude, even when a deadline is on top of us and we discover system compatibility issues. Beth works with us to find a solution and fix it, working as late as needed to get the job done, and always with a positive attitude. Every time we hit a snag, Beth is available with a smile to keep us moving forward. There is never any finger pointing, just a common attitude to get the job done whatever it takes. That attitude prevails throughout the Crystal Flash Information Technology Team as we found when Beth was on vacation and Daryl Cappon, her supervisor, stepped in to help with a problem. He came in early and worked with us until we got the system issue solved, again with a smile and positive attitude.

I think some companies look at the Information Technology Department is a necessary evil when they can be your best friend. Crystal Flash is an example of that. A great company with great employees, all supported by an Information Technology Staff to be proud of.

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