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TYPros Progressive Dinner
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by: Christina Crouch

I went to the Tulsa’s Young Professionals Entrepreneurship-themed progressive dinner in early June. There were four stops for the evening and four sets of speakers. I got a lot of great food, and heard a lot of great inspiration. They all spoke about their businesses, personal stories, inspirations, and I wanted to highlight one of the speakers that really stood out for me.

Tim Bickers from Emerging Ideas works in Zimbabwe, partnering with local entrepreneurs who have great ideas, drive, and integrity. With an astronomical unemployment rate, they are doing some great things for helping the locals in that country help themselves up. He spoke about the power of entrepreneurial thinking. Just one idea about making a process better, or meeting a need, can really create big change over time. His company's current goal is to turn 100 ideas into companies that impact half a million people by 2025. That's an amazing goal.

I agree with him when he said we need entrepreneurs everywhere. “Wherever, or whoever you are, you can be an entrepreneur. If you are an employee and see a better solution, do it. Entrepreneurial thinking can change the world.”

It reminds me of our Service Pillar #14 - Look for Improvements. 

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