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TYPros August Update
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by: Christina Crouch


Tulsa's Young Professionals had a lot of great events this month. I attended several Arts & Entertainment committee events. Of course, the goal of TYPros is to help promote Tulsa as a great destination to live and work for young professionals.


I got to tour one of the Urban 8 town homes in downtown Tulsa. Gorgeous on the inside and with great views of the Tulsa skyline, this development is another step in building up downtown.   


TYPros also got an inside look at the Tulsa Ballet for Art Around Town: Behind the Barre. I enjoyed the tour of their costume department and getting to watch 30 minutes of their rehearsal. I didn't realize the Tulsa Ballet toured to so many other countries, or had dancers of so many different nationalities. If you're looking for a great performance to see in Tulsa, the Tulsa Ballet definitely delivers that.


The Boomtown Awards are also coming up in November at the Fairgrounds Pavilion. They're going all out this year for TYros 10th anniversary. 


TYPros always has a lot of great events going on in Tulsa. Join for free and check out their calendar to see what's coming up next. 


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