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TYPros 2016 Update
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by: Christina Crouch

It is a new year, which means there is a whole new calendar of events for the Tulsa's Young Professionals crews. I attended the Arts and Entertainment meeting this past week, where we brainstormed ideas for ways to get involved and events to plan throughout the year. We also discussed what the "Tulsa experience" is, which tended to revolve around music, food, and architecture. 

The goal of TYPros is to get young professionals excited about and involved with the Tulsa community, so that Tulsa can retain all the young talent we have as a community. So keep an eye out for exciting things happening around Tulsa throughout the year. 

The tentative Arts & Entertainment calendar has several great music and art showcase events in the works. The planning for 2016's Street Cred event is also under way - and the main event for that will be some time in April. 

For networking with TYPros across all crews, Pub Club happens on the last Tuesday of every month in a new location. Click here to view the TYPros calendar.

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