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Tulsa University's Marketing Dynamo
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Katie Thompson is on it! Rain or Shine! Win or Lose!


I just had the most delightful lunch hosted by the Tulsa Chapter American Marketing Association.


Our guest speaker this month is the 4 foot 10 inch marketing dynamo at TU. Katie Thompson moved to Tulsa last August as the Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing for the University. I think she is the Golden Hurricane we are always hearing about!


She is so enthusiastic and committed to the Athletic Department at TU. Her job is measured by growing both revenues and attendance. She leverages a balanced marketing plan that includes traditional tools like US mail and billboards.


Katie is also using social media, with a big focus on Facebook, given that Facebook is embraced by people from twelve years of age to 95. The TU Athletic department has a goal of 30,000 likes by the end of the week. Won't you give the Golden Hurricane a "like"?


Then GO SEE A GAME at Tulsa's Hometown School! You know they are just around the corner!

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