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Tulsa Talks 2015 Tools and Links
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by: Christina Crouch


I had a great day at Tulsa Talks 2015. I picked up a lot of tools and links from the various sessions I attended, and wanted to share the ones that are my favorites. I've used most of these tools for awhile, and they definitely make life easier for content and social marketing. If you're working with a team, some of these help with workflow and communication. 


Trello - I have used Trello for a little over a year now, and every time people ask for a list of tools, this seems to be mentioned. I think its great for keeping track of workflow with a small team.


If This, Then That - I have known about this tool for awhile, but since I was reminded of it, I just recently started using it. Fun AND functional - what more could you ask for in a tool for productivity?


Twitter Search - Jared Carrizales always has fantastic tips for using Twitter search in ways you may not have thought of. He also usually uses this together with IFTTT - so I linked to a blog post of his explaining how he utilizes Twitter. 


Slack - I haven't had a chance to try this out yet, but I have heard of it from multiple sources, and have not yet heard a bad word about it. Looking forward to finding an excuse to try it out. Slack is a tool for team communication. 


Design Kit - This website contains some methodology and tools for interviewing people. If you want to work on your customer storytelling, you'll want to check this website out. 


Hootsuite Chrome Extension - I use Hootsuite quite often, so the extension is definitely handy.


Feedly - I use Feedly for my RSS feed. It cuts out a lot of time searching through all the blogs you want to keep up with.


PicMonkey - If you aren't a graphic designer, tools like PicMonkey can be a lifesaver when you need to create simple graphics for social. (Though I am personally attached to Canva, which is a very similar tool.)



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