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Tulsa Talks 2015 Takeaways
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by: Christina Crouch

I had a great day at the CityPlex Towers for Tulsa Talks. There were so many great speakers I definitely wished I could be in two or three places at once. Here are a few of the takeaways that really stuck with me from the day. 

A big buzzword I've seen a lot of lately is storytelling. I sat in on Carlos Moreno's session on turning your message into a story. I think everyone should hear this - its applicable to every marketing department. Traditionally, the company's voice and messaging are determined from the top down, because the "experts know best." However, this doesn't really resonate with listeners. Just because you have any old CTA, doesn't mean people will see why they should put in the effort to do what you ask. Essentially, you're proposing to someone 30 seconds into a first date.

Instead of talking like a used car salesman, let's change the conversation. Educate. Build trust. There's that whole "know, like, and trust" concept coming back. If we think about the story that can come from our customers, employees, and others who have already interacted with us, you can earn that "know, like, and trust" from our new audience.

Telling your story, and your customers' stories, is content marketing done right.

Several of the other sessions were fantastic. I sat in on a Tech Trends Panel, where I was reminded of some tools I should be using, like If This Then That. (ITTT is fun to play around with, even before the practical benefits of the tool kick in!) I'll put up another blog post outlining all the other great tools I picked up.

Danica spoke about reputation and organic search marketing. Don't forget about sites that answer questions that include generic SEO terms. A presence on those sites can get you higher in search than attempting to rank on your own. SEO is no longer solely about getting branded properties to show up first, because consumers are turning to 3rd party resources for research. 



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