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Tulsa December MGMA Meeting
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By:  Scott Kroh

The guest speaker for the December 2014 meeting of the MGMA Tulsa Chapter was Travis Biggert of HUB International. HUB Internationalis a leading global insurance brokerage that provides a broad array of property and casualty, life and health, employee benefits, investment and risk management products and service . Travis has fourteen years’ experience in the commercial insurance industry and prior to his work at HUB, served as Senior Vice President of Global Risk and Insurance for an international healthcare management company. 

Travis spoke on the topic of “Best Practices Workers Compensation Cost Containment Strategies”. One of his recommendations was to make sure and have a Pro-Active, Pre-Claim strategy which included; hiring practices, return to work policy, incentive programs, documented safety program, actively manage culture, management accountability and baseline program.

He further explained that this would need to be accompanied by a Pro-Active, Post Claim strategy to include; an internal adjuster, TPA carrier adjuster, carrier culture, defense counsel, nurse case management, occupational medicine provider and soft tissue management. The goal he said was to provide injured workers with the health care they needed while reducing the time of open claims and at the same time reducing workers compensation costs.

For more specifics please see thisand remember that the MGMA Medical Group Management Association is a great resource for practice managers of healthcare practices!





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