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Tulsa Chapter IMA October Meeting - Legal-Eaze
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By: Scott Kroh




The speaker for the October 2014 IMA Tulsa Chapter meeting was attorney Henry E. Billingsley II. Mr. Billingsley law practice focuses on defense of maritime, products liability, environmental and toxic tort cases in state and federal courts. His background prior to law included his service as a deck and engine crewman in the United States Merchant Marine, sailing on cargo ships and tankers in the Great Lakes area and deep sea.


The presentation he shared focused on the history of law in the United States, how it came about, why it came about and what the tort system looks like in the 21st Century? He spoke on several federal cases and gave a “behind” the scenes narrative of what occurred to demonstrate how tort law works in the United States. My take away from the presentation is that even though it may not be “perfect”, the legal system in the United States values the individual and provides a system to “right” a “wrong” against any individual regardless of their standing or position in society.


Please visit   for more information on the Tulsa Chapter of the IMA. The IMA is a great place for managerial accountants to obtain greater knowledge while benefiting from CPE credit.

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