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Trouble sleeping at night? Get the right budgeting tools!
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For years, finance professionals have struggled with creating budgets within Excel models. So much time is spent emailing files back and forth as revisions occur, and formulas break when department managers start making format changes to templates created by the finance team. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a way to have a single version of the truth that rolls up the budget to the corporate level in an instant? That day has arrived! Adaptive Planning is a financial planning and forecasting product that provides many of these benefits. Because it is a cloud based subscription product, it allows for ease of access by department managers in many different locations to work on their portions of the budget, while still allowing the finance team to manage work flow, maintain the security of formulas in the budget model, and roll-up budget submissions in an instant. In addition it allows for the ability to create “what-if” scenarios to see how certain variables impact the bottom line. Adaptive Planning integrates with many ERP products including Sage 100 (MAS90/MAS200) and Intacct.

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