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Train or Educate? Which do you Prefer?
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By:  Sheri Blaho 
We recently met with our business consultant, Ed Kless, that coaches CS3 on business consulting.  A bit ironic?  Not really.  Every firm and management team needs ongoing education to improve their business skills  --  regardless of the industry they serve.

During our meeting, one of us referred to "training" our clients as part our of service offerings.  Our coach immediately corrected us and said we "educate" rather than train.  His proof was to be found in his next statement, "Would you rather have your daughter attend sex training or sex education?"  His question was spot on. 

Consider the definitions of the two words:

Education:  The process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, an enlightening experience.
Training:  The action of teaching a person or animal a particular skill or type of behavior.

As a consulting firm our responsibility is to EDUCATE our clients so they will be able to:
      1) use software that may be implemented during an engagement
      2) fully understand the impact of their decisions in regard to other processes/departments they will interact with. 

We have successfully implemented a "solution" when the client understands their software, data flow and business strategies as related to their position and responsibility.  We have great confidence in the tools we bring to the table with Sage 100, Sage HRMS, Sage Abra and Acumatica.  However the tool is of minimal value until the vision of integration into the business process is recognized by all staff members.

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