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Toys for Tots and Toys R Us - What a combination
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By:  Sheri Blaho

Several years ago CS3 Technology changed our practice of buying annual thank you gifts and sending Christmas cards. 

We decided to take all that money and purchase gifts for the Toys for Tots program.  Actually it has been six years now.  This year was the biggest event yet!

Management contributed $2,000 to the cause.  One of our employees added another $200.  Then one of our vendors, NSN Management, added another $200.  Toys R Us, also a big supporter of Toys for Tots gave us a 10% discount on all our purchases.  The end result?  Over $3,000 retail value with all the discounts and in-store specials.  We had 5 carts full of toys.  

We had so much fun with the entire team out shopping.  It was fun seeing the variety of toys each of my team members picked out.  Who knew that HR consultants would have a weakness for Star Trek, ERP consultants like My Little Pony or project managers know all about Frozen.  I admit that I have a secret desire to play some Lego and then have a whirl with my toy band afterwards.

So Happy Holidays to all our clients.  Thank you for your faithfulness to our firm.  On your behalf a large donation has been made for kids that will really appreciate these toys.  We were smart enough to NOT purchase any accounting or payroll software!  Maybe in a few years from now.


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