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Today is the best time
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My sales and marketing team have been after me for months to post regularly to our Blog. Well the old saying of "today is the first day of the rest of your life" applies to me. So this is the first day of my blogging life. They say it is critical to post meaningful information on a routine basis to your blog. So I will commit to the "routine" part and let you all be the judge of "meaningful'. I would like to poll you all and ask this question. With all the blog postings happening daily, how do you all decide what you will take time read? Personally, I stumble across blog entries when I do my Google searchs, rather than reading any one author routinely. Since I sell Accounting and Payroll software, I should try to write incredibly interesting and funny stories about software. Did you hear the one about the three guys that went into a bar? The accountant, payroll clerk, and IT guy? Don't feel bad,, no one has heard about them either becuase it was a pretty boring eveining. Well there, I have done it! My blog posts have begun. I will talk to you all again shortly!

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