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By:  Darrell Scott

I recently watched an internet video titled 10 Top Time-Saving Tech Tips.  I’ve seen a lot of videos like this one and rarely do I learn anything new.  But in this one, just about everything in it was new to me.  I decided to share some of them, because my guess is you will find them valuable, too.  So, here goes…

In your web browser –   
Instead of using the mouse to scroll down, just hit the space bar.  Moves down a page at a time.  Hold the shift key and press the space bar to move back up again.

To make the text larger, hold down the Control key (Ctrl), and press the plus key over and over until the text is big enough.  To make text smaller, use Ctrl and the minus key.

On your phone –
When texting, to end a sentence, press space twice.  This will enter a period and following space.

To redial the last number you called or received a call from, go to the key pad and click the call button (the green button with the phone symbol on it).  That will retrieve your last call into the number display.  Click the call button again to make the call.  You don’t have to look it up in the call log if it was the last call you received or made.

In Google –
Google is a dictionary – type the word define and then the word you want to look up.  You don’t have to go to any other website.  Google will show you the definition all by itself.

Google is an airline flight tracker – type in the airline and flight number (like “AA 1583”) and you get the cities, terminal, gate, departure and arrival times. 

Google is a conversion tool – for temperature, length, weight, speed, and more.  Type in “32f in Celsius” to get the conversion to 35 Celsius, or “32cm in inches” to get 12.5984 inches.

There’s more, if you are interested, but they are probably better to watch than read about.  I got these tips from a TED talk.  If you haven’t ever seen a TED Talk, it is worth a visit.   Every TED talk I have ever watched was very interesting.  This particular talk was given by David Pogue and is under six minutes.  Here’s the linkto this talk.

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