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By:  Sheri Blaho

I seldom blog about a specific product because you all get so much product information pushed to you each and every day.  But I think it is worth a bit of your time to hear a little about Acumatica.  Cloud is "the way" to go these days.  But what does that really mean?  When I talk to each of you I get a different answer about your prospective of "cloud".

I think that Acumatica has done a great job of coming to the market with multiple options to meet your needs and expectations.

First, some people really mean a browser based solution rather than a windows based solution when they say cloud.  A browser based software can have your data stored locally on servers in your office, just like traditional windows based software.

Sometime people want their windows based software, but don't want the responsibility of having the servers maintenance and backup.  This is typically referred to as a "hosted" solution.  You get to your windows based application through the cloud, but it is going to a server with space dedicated to the application that you have already purchased.

Another "cloud" solution is one where you have browser based software that you do not own, you "rent" it and have no responsibility for the business software updates or the data backup responsibilities.  There are two flavors of this model.  One is what is called a Private Cloud where your installation is unique to you - you could tailor or customize the software to your specific needs.  The other is what is referred to as Multi-Tenant, where your data is private, but you share common software.

Each of these can be GREAT options, depending on your preference, your desired level to transfer risk and responsibility, your cash flow preferences.  I don't believe that one is necessarily better than another, until you, the client, lay in your desires.

Keep watching the blog.  I will be sharing more on how Acumatica is able to step up to the plate on all of the browser based options I have discussed.

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