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The People CLOUD Future
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By: Sheri Blaho

I attended a great session at OKSHRM 2015 in Oklahoma City. Yvette Salvatico with Kedge consulting firm was our presenter. Her firm focuses on the workforce on the future. There is an entire field that is called Strategic Futurists of which she is one…..who knew?

She states we are no longer in an age of assets and tangibles. We have moved to the era of knowledge. This means we should focus on relationships and people more and more.

She emphasizes that every role and position in your organization is powerful. For instance: The intern in charge of your twitter account can propel you into the news with one mistype. All employees are powerful and should not be overlooked.

Her acronym for CLOUD people is this:

Collaborative – Uber is the largest taxi service with no vehicles. Facebook is the most popular media platform and owns no content. Collaboration among our employees will continue to evolve and mutate. Let it happen!

Linked – Online is the new reality, it is not virtual reality. Your staff is linked in more ways than the traditional brick and mortar buildings. You need to know where they are virtually and how to leverage that.

Open – Organizations will continue to moving from the traditional “Command Control” and “Top Down” business to open environments. Organizations look more like networks and less like organizational structures: less hierarchy and more groups based on work product.

Ubiquitous – Watson IBM’s computer is being used in talent management. This is the computer that beat the Jeopardy champions. Using artificial intelligence to determine who gets “the promotion.” Teams will include artificial intelligence. Robots have been taking over jobs for a long time, but now moving into intelligence.

Disruptive – You need to destroy in order to create, so it is not necessarily a negative connotation. Destroy old ways of thinking so new creative ideas can take seed. A firm called Hackme is invited to see what they can break inside their client's organization. Invite your staff to break/criticize/fix things, otherwise you become brittle and too fragile.

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